Custom transmissions in the Inspector

In this post, I will explain what is a transmission, a transformation and how to have custom transmissions in the Pharo Inspector. We will show how transmissions are used in the inspector with a soccer database analysis tool that you can find at We used this application because we needed a real domain toContinue reading “Custom transmissions in the Inspector”

Using styles in Spec applications

In this post we will see how to use custom styles in Spec applications. We will start to present styles and then build a little editor as the one displayed hereafter. We will show that an application in Spec manages styles and let you adapt the look of a presenter. How do styles work? StylesContinue reading “Using styles in Spec applications”

Binding an external library into Pharo

In this post I am going to show you how to call external functions from a Pharo image. Here, we are going to use the LAPACK (Linear Algebra Package) library that is written in Fortran. Why do we need this library? In the Pharo AI project (, we are working on an implementation of linearContinue reading “Binding an external library into Pharo”

Dynamic layouts with Spec2

As you may already know, Spec2 is the new version of the UI framework: Spec. Spec2 is not just a new version but a complete rewrite and redesign of Spec1. Contrary to Spec1, in Spec2 all the layouts are dynamic. It means that you can change on the fly the elements displayed. It is aContinue reading “Dynamic layouts with Spec2”