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Undeclared Variable Reparation, An Epic Journey In a Compiler – Part I

In this series of posts, I present how the current implementation of Pharo handles compilation errors on undeclared variables and the interactive reparation to fix them. Targeted readers are people interested in compilers or object-oriented programming. Non-Pharo developers are welcome since knowledge of the language or the developing environment is not required. Some parts of…

Sentiment Analysis in Pharo using a real data set

You are a movie reviewer, and a colleague has just sent to you a set of files with hundreds of reviews to determine their sentiments, for example classify them into positive or negative. You read that machine learning can help here processing massive amounts of data by using a classifier. But computers are not good…

Resurrecting Dead Images

With the abstractions provided by Polyphemus, it took us less than an hour to fix this image and recover days of work.


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